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Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) is an organization of people who have relatives or loved ones in the military and who oppose the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghansitan and the policies that led to it.

Military Families Speak Out was founded in November, 2002 by two military families and has now grown to over 2,800 families speaking out against the war and occupation in Iraq. As families with loved ones in the military, we have a special need to speak out against the war in Iraq, a war based on lies that has resulted in the deaths of over 1,800 of our troops and untold thousands of Iraqis.

Military Families Speak Out - Bring Them Home Now!

Even as our loved ones return, they are neither safe nor sound, as they deal with the physical and psychological wounds that come from a war that should never have happened. And new troop orders including stop-loss, extensions, new deployments and re-deployments are creating havoc for our loved ones and their families.

Support Our Troops - Bring Them Home Now!Those who said “We got to go to war,” weren’t going anywhere, nor were their loved ones. Those who said, “Bring em on!” are safe in Washington, D.C. But our loved ones and so many others remain at risk. It is past time to end the war… Bring Them Home Now!

If you have family members in the military and you are opposed to the war in Iraq, please join us!

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